Emotionless sorrow…

If at all you cared,

You wouldn’t have done what u did.

If at all it mattered to you,

You wouldn’t have shattered my heart like this.

If at all you loved me,

You wouldn’t have let me go, the day i was leaving.

And after all that i went through,

Now you are asking me why I’m grieving?


Each day…each night…each moment

Feels like I’m drowning in a deep ocean,

And i can’t help myself get out.

The feeling of helplessness,

My existence is what i really doubt.


You never cared,

You never will.

But I’ll be waiting for the day,

When you notice my skill.

The pain i go through,

When I’m tortured by you.

The depth of sorrow in my heart.

And the pleasant smile i carry even when my heart’s ripped apart.


No its not easy,

But you’ll never know.

I know you feel broken too,

But you never show.

There’s still a difference between me and you,

For you can shout, hit and complain..

But then what’s for me that i can do?

Lock myslef up in a completely dark room,

And cry throughout the midnight gloom.


You don’t realise that it’s tough for me,

To potray more of bravery.

I’m not a hero,

Or a warrior.

Just a little being,

With emotions flooding.

Just too sensitive, just too gentle,

With anguish inside like burning fire.

My heart is broken and extremely tired.


But only if you’d have cared had you known,

It’s not as simple as I’ve always shown.

~ s.w






Gone Forever…

It was that moment,

The most awaited one.

When we finally met,

Never knew that you’d run.


You were gone forever,

And you never looked back.

I still don’t know,

What my love lacked.


For i was shattered,

When i found out,

The poems you wrote-

Who they were about.

Not for me I’m sure,

Cause i could never become your cure

They were for the girl,

Whose physique you adore.


You played me like chess,

Unbottoned my dress.

I thought it was love,

But I was wrong i guess..


The love was fake,

And so were your words.

My heart still aches,

The scars don’t fade.


I miss you still,

And i always will.

Though the truth-

I cannot kill.


I loved you then,

I love you still,

Loving like me is also a skill.


I remember that night,

The stars shined bright.

But i was alone,

Searching for home. 

~ s.w

Just a Dream…

They walk a mile,

Along the Nile,

Hand in hand,

For a while.

His eyes on her,

Her eyes on him,

Yet the journey, did not begin..

There was a twist,

She cut her wrist,

The story isn’t over, for this was just the gist.


There was more to come,

And more to lose,

And more to let go,

His feelings bruised.

The moonlight beamed,

I heard his scream,

” Oh thank God, it’s just a dream..”

~ s.w



A happy morning,

The sky so bright

But who knew people change overnight.


They leave you sick,

You go through thick,

They laugh while saying

“Just see that chick.”


I wish they knew,

What we go through,

When the world has stopped believing you.


We lose our minds,

The heart feels dead.

We cry until,

Our eyes turn red.


We hit the bed,

And tears are shed.

The pillow gets wet,

But they are unaware-i bet.


So tell me true,

And tell me right.

Why do people change overnight?

~ s.w

Are we even meant to be?

You are for me

And i am for you,

We hear this story,

But is it true?

Under this sky,

Bright and blue,

It’s just gonna be, me and you.

Though i am afraid,

That one fine day

You might just leave,

And I’ll be grieved.

It seems so perfect

Though it cannot be,

For love is never full of glee.

So are we even meant to be?

Or tell me before so i set free?


Are we really meant to be?

~ s.w


Still flowing through my veins…

Oh no way will there be another chance,

Another chance given to the bond which broke within a glance.

No way will i ever be able to forgive you for your sins,

The sins, which left me without any grins.

How do i forget the good ol’ days

The days we spent beside the beautiful bays.

Singing in the rains, sharing our pains.

All the deep talks,

Along with the long walks.


I always found my world in you,

But when it came to you, what did you finally do?

Left me alone to face the cruel world,

I couldn’t utter a word, for i was extremely hurt.


I wish i could turn back time and make everything perfectly fine.

Just as before, perfect strangers…

Since i had realised you could never be mine.


There’s a fear I’ve grown deep in my heart,

A fear of losing loved ones and falling apart.

It is the worst feeling, i can surely tell

Cause i have experienced it once as well.


I miss each moment spent with you,

But who at all knew,

That it will be you,

Who’ll break my into pieces,

And leave cheerful memories, just a few?


For it was tough, but i could make it,

Up until to the time when i could no more take it.

There will be no chance given again,

To this love, still flowing through my veins.

~ s.w